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His earliest works were grounded in his knowledge of Latin and Greek, but, in conjunction with Aldus Manutius, one of the most famous scholar-printers of his day, he developed an interest in the vernacular that had also been initiated by his father. Resident for a time at the courts of Ferrara and Urbino, Bembo eventually made his way to Rome, where he served first as Latin secretary to Pope Leo X, then as a cardinal.

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For this he receives due notice in every history of the Italian language and literature, which has led to the dominant vision of him as a sort of high-level schoolmaster intent on enforcing linguistic purity.

Another narrative, based on his relationships with Lucrezia Borgia and Maria Savorgnan, presents Bembo through a sort of romanticized haze.

app bitcoin trading pietro jones

There is some truth to both of these visions, but neither is adequate by itself. Bembo was the scion of a distinguished family, but he struggled to find his place in the world, ending up in a position of power within a religious institution for which he probably had little genuine calling.

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This article gives due recognition to the classic works of scholarship, but, wherever possible, it reflects an emphasis on the fuller, more nuanced picture of Bembo that has been emerging in recent years. Biography Although accurate basic information on the life and works of Bembo is available in several sources, no major Bembo scholar in the last several generations has done a book-length biography.

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Dionisottisupplemented by Mazzacurati and Veccepresents the basics, with Cian offering important information for the period the author considers. Cian and Santoro are outdated in their approach but still contain valuable material. Kidwell and Meneghetti are worth consulting but must be used with care; they are generally not cited by serious scholars in Italy.

Cian, Vittorio. Un decennio della vita app bitcoin trading pietro jones M. Pietro Bembo, — Turin, Italy: Loescher, An important intellectual biography of Bembo covering the decade in which a number of his most important works were composed, still cited regularly after more than a century. Bologna: Forni, ; also available online.

app bitcoin trading pietro jones

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