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May — Sep Eurac Research, Bolzano, Italy Senior Consultant Technical consulting and advisory in the area of biomedical signal acquisition, calibration and processing, particularly regarding the development of a specialized type of pulse oximeter. Its primary mission is acting as a hub and gateway towards a constellation of Italian and worldwide excellences across the fields of electronic design and manufacturing, system and software development, covering a broad range of requirements and applications.

Yasuharu Koike.

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He focuses on developing new robotic and brain-computer interface BCI systems, while also doing collaborative research on many other topics related to complex systems and non-linear electronics.

Apr-JunApr-JunMar-JunJan-May and Btc ondulazione — Dec Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bolzano, Italy Freelance, contract lecturer Under these appointments, he has conceived and delivered multiple editions of a course entitled Introduction to Robotics: An Experimental Approach, based on a large number of laboratory experiments and aimed bitcoin asic schematic students from diverse engineering curricula.

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The course topics include embedded computing and interfacing, analog and digital sensors and signal processing, robot actuators and kinematics, control systems, machine vision principles and applications, artificial intelligence.

Jun Aug Next Sight Srl, Padova, Italy Senior Consultant Technical consulting and advisory in the bitcoin asic schematic of biomedical image acquisition, calibration and processing, including applications of artificial intelligence techniques.

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Responsibilities included ideating, participating and leading research studies in this area, and more specifically independently designing, simulating, realizing and experimentally investigating new circuits. His accomplishments in this position include: i understanding and modelling mechanisms of remote synchronization via interference in networks of FPAAs, ii discovering a large number of new and atypical transistor-based oscillators showing diverse attractors and dynamics [info: here ], iii introducing new high-dimensional chaotic oscillators involving fractal L-C networks as resonators [info: here ].

He has involucro btc the possibility of generating multi-fractal signals from elementary electronic circuits.

He has also worked on the study of complex properties of music and sound signals, and of the emerging cryptocurrency market, and moreover obtained the title of Doktor Habilitowany in Physics.

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Jan-Jun Inter Motion Inc. This role involved operating at chief technical officer CTO level to provide senior leadership, supervision, and training on technical and process-related topics to engineering team members, primarily based in Yerevan Armenia.

In particular, he has directly overseen the negotiations and contract agreement with the end customer, and the process of interviewing and selecting team members.

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He has been responsible for the development and verification of a broad portfolio of intellectual property including basic primitives, communication and networking bitcoin asic schematic, video- and audio-related interfaces, memory controllers and bus infrastructure.

He has also lead the design, manufacturing, production and testing of custom circuit boards to support demanding testing applications. At present, activities still continue in the form of providing long-term support and guidance to the team, and exploring possible avenues of future work mainly in the field of electrical safety.

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Aug Dec In2H2 Inc. He has been in charge of identifying the components and technologies, particularly to solve difficult power, signal integrity and bandwidth challenges, and furthermore personally designed all schematics.

These activities have furthermore entailed liaising closely with layout designers, manufacturing directors, and overseeing the work of a group of senior system architects, defining the FPGA-to-FPGA protocols, calculation architectures, and associated software.

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Aug Jun Independent inventive activity He has conducted independent and self-funded applied research in two areas: i non-invasive, remote detection of physiological excretion in sanitary towels by incontinent hospitalized patients, based on a two-dimensional time-frequency impedance measurement, implemented using a custom wearable wireless device of own design and a disposable textile element; ii detection of anomalous events in household electric systems enabling substantially improved sensitivity to dangerous fault conditions, implemented by means of a custom-designed advanced multi-frequency measurement front-end.

Two corresponding patent applications have been filed.

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Jorge Jovicich and focused initially on advanced methods for analysing time-series from resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging rs-fMRIand later on own independent research attempting to replicate chosen aspects of neural dynamics in non-linear electronic circuits and networks.

Responsibilities have included ideating, participating and leading research studies, and co-supervising students. He independently designed a massively-parallel co-processor board based on the PCI express bus, including a high-density FPGA and an array of proprietary ASICs, choosing solutions to the specific challenges in data bandwidth, clock, power and thermal management, and independently defining and designing the schematics of the board.

He headed completion of the project, liaising with a local partner Tecno77 Srl; Vicenza, Italy for board layout design and prototype manufacturing, and personally conducted all testing and characterization of prototypes. This work has also included advising on interfacing standards and periphery design for the custom ASIC.

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Ferdinando Cornelio, and focused on advanced studies in applied neuroimaging and neurophysiology. Responsibilities have included ideating, participating and leading research studies.

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Throughout his doctoral research with Prof. Hugo Critchley, he has focused on the study of decision-making under risk. The experiments included i exploring the univariate representation of. He has also been involved in several other ERP studies and has co-authored reviews on clinical applications of functional connectivity mapping.

He has sat on the science committee of the Start-up coma research centre CRC project funded by the Lombardy regional government, within which he has co-ordinated a specific work-package on the study of resting-state functional connectivity in patients with disorders of consciousness.

Dennis Chan, focusing on functional and structural neuroimaging of dementias and senile cognitive impairment. An area of key technical interest was the development of techniques for high-resolution mapping of resting-state functional connectivity using functional MRI.

Critchley see belowhe focused on the study of decision-making under risk, investigating the representation of multiple economic parameters using simple prospects. Experiments included: i exploring the univariate representation of.

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He was also involved in other ERP studies with this laboratory, on social cognition and decision-making, semantic processing and autism, and action planning.

He also worked on quantitative in-vivo and ex-vivo imaging projects, co-authored a review on clinical applications of functional connectivity mapping and another on brain connectivity and bitcoin asic schematic.

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Hugo D. Critchley, he conducted and supported research projects on multimodal functional neuroimaging, combining fMRI, ERPs, functional near-infrared spectroscopy fNIRS and autonomic response monitoring.

In the latter part of this appointment, he commenced his doctoral research which was later completed at the Fondazione Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta see above.

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