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A new Bitcoin millionaire believes that the best decision is to keep quiet and start investing in new income generating assets. The newest rise in the price of Bitcoin has made new millionaires in digital currency.

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It is important to remember that although we can see the bitcoin atm in philadelphia of bitcoins in each wallet, it is not possible to know Bitcoin Storm who the person bitcoin atm in philadelphia the address is.

So the wallet holder himself has the responsibility to reveal himself or not.

Principale Perché i bancomat Bitcoin si presentano in punti dispari in tutto il paese?

Bitcoin Millionaires The dilemma of new millionaires Since it began to rise in November, therefore, digital money has created at least 20, new millionaires, and some of them are debating on social networks whether to say this to others or not. According to the opinion of one of these new millionaires, besides the problem of the government itself wanting its share, there is also a risk of people close to it.

A shared post on the reddit by a new rich man leaves an opinion that has been supported by several others.

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He says that the new millionaires should not go around saying that they have become millionaires because in his view, this is a serious mistake. And many of us came from poor origins or from the lower middle class.

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The joy, the exuberant feeling of making millions can lead him to make a serious mistake: You want to tell the world. You want to post on Facebook and Instagram.

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The risk, he says, is that it may attract ill-intentioned people who may want to take a slice of what has been earned with a lot of effort and patience. He says the best decision is to tell about the novelty only to trusted people like his wife and children.

Do not tell your parents. Not yet.

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Not immediately. Only wife and children of long standing are your inner circle of trusted allies at this time. The new millionaire believes that the best decision is to keep quiet and start investing in income-generating assets, i.

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Your second best decision is to start investing in income-generating assets. You can, of course, reinvest in another cryptomime or invest in gold, or invest in anything you think will generate profits.

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The man ends the post by saying that the rich are still rich because they invest in assets that generate income, spending all the money or exposing the assets to those who will encourage you to spend is not a good idea. Rich people are still rich because they invest in income.

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Got it? However, there are also those who prefer to spend it all and tell everyone that they have gotten rich.

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