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Not Mayweather vs. We've got job growth vs.

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The government is set to release its monthly jobs data this week. Employment growth has been strong throughout most of the year so far. We take a deep dive into the recent data, letting you know what's going on below the surface and how it stacks up historically.

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We also take a look at how the jobs data could impact the Federal Reserve's Maggiori informazioni thinking. Earlier this year, it looked like the rate-hike train was well out of the station and picking up stream.

Олвин решил для себя, что если и следующая планета очень похожа на эту, то он, скорее всего, тут же свернет поиски. Она не была очень похожей.

In recent weeks, though, there's been a growing sense that the Fed needs to scale back. There's even been whispers that the next move should be a rate cut.

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And as always, we brawl with some of Wall Street's more obscure middleweights We've got a review of the feud involving everyone's new cabinet WAG. We've got a lawsuit alleging premium bottled water is really just from a tap.

We've got an electric Microbus on the way. We've got a European country that might launch bitcoin fighter own cryptocurrency. And we've got bad news on the gender pay gap.

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