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Tuttavia, a differenza di altre monete, Bitcoin è una valuta elettronica che presenta nuove caratteristiche e si distingue per la sua efficienza, sicurezza e facilità di scambio. Quando facciamo acquisti con Bitcoin non dobbiamo rivelare dati sensibili come per esempio numeri di carta di credito o di conti correnti bancari, per cui non esiste alcun rischio di sottrazione dei dati al venditore online.

Where to buy airline tickets with Bitcoins? Cryptocurrencies are increasingly impacting the global economy.

bitcoin mbtc

To date, its employment has spread so much that the same serves to pay the payroll of a football club to buy a plane ticket. Airlines and travel agencies have understood all the advantages and functions of Blockchain technology and many now accepts Cryptocurrencies as a method of payment in the process of booking and buying an airline ticket online.

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  • Paga il tuo viaggio in Bitcoin in modo veloce e sicuro con Destinia
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In this article we propose you approach 6 travel agencies that sells tickets in Bitcoins, without doubt the most used Cryptocurrencies today. Fromit began accepting payments in Bitcoins, so it is considered as one of the first in the world that accepted this form of payment.

bitcoin mbtc

On the agency's website it is possible to buy flights with Bitcoins to any destination in the world through the main airlines. In addition, CheapAir offers accommodation in hotels and car bitcoin mbtc.

bitcoin mbtc

Destinia This is a Spanish bitcoin mbtc travel agency, created in and accepting payments in Bitcoins sincealthough it specifies that only for services or products purchased directly through its website, so they exclude cruises, car rental and certain hotels that only admit payment at the reception, or flights where the airline only accepts payment by credit card.

An interesting aspect of Destinia is that it indicates the tariffs of the flights and itineraries in Mili-bitcoin MBTCmaking it easier for the users and more convenient when showing the prices.

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  • mStable BTC (MBTC) Cap. del mercato -
  • Where to buy airline tickets with Bitcoins? | Cryptocurrency10
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Expedia This is one of the largest travel agencies in the world. Fromit joined Coinbase to permit the purchase of airline tickets, as well as hotels reservation in Bitcoins.

bitcoin mbtc

As a major detail: on Expedia, Coinbase makes payments easier, but customers are asked to complete the transaction within a maximum period of 10 minutes as the exchange rate may vary at that time.

In addition, the company stipulates that transactions are irreversible.

bitcoin mbtc

Travelforcoins This website was created in California in and permits you to book a flight or a hotel room and pay in Bitcoins, which today is the only Cryptocurrency accepted on the platform. AbitSky This web site belongs to the company UAB Interneto Partneris, based in Lithuania, and permits us to make flights, hotels reservations and car rental in Bitcoins.

The payment procedure is made through BitPay or Coinbase. BTCTrip This is a New York based company, created in and bitcoin mbtc permits the buying of airline tickets and hotels reservation in Bitcoins, Dogecoin and Litecoin.

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