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bitcointalk trust system

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Built upon the technology of X-VPN, a renowned VPN provider already serving over 50 million people worldwide, Tachyon Protocol is set to combine all the proven, tested and accepted P2P technologies in the niche - DHT, blockchain, UDP and encryption - to ensure high security, intractability, availability, bitcointalk trust system maximum network speed by utilizing the optimal data throughput.

The existing lack of trust and security in internet privacy, together with the aging infrastructure inhibits the internet in providing the speed and reliability required by current network-based, Web 3.

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Tachyon Network is built on the V SYSTEMS blockchain with the use of existing and tested technologies to ensure its lasting effectiveness, such as modular design, user-orientation, nodes and versatile application possibilities. It will help to establish a fair, transparent and efficient trading and reward mechanisms, ensuring the function of Tachyon ecosystem.

The token provides an easy, affordable means of sharing spare bandwidth of not only the nodes, but all the network users, to strengthen sustainability and growth in the network.

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And it also serves the purpose of identity verification, incentive and coordination mechanism. The token provides easy and affordable means of sharing spare bandwidth among the network users, promote the positive development of the network, solve major problems with organization of the decentralized Tachyon network and serve as a proxy to valuation of the overall system.

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At the same time, the sharing bandwidth will help global users to enhance fast download speed, decentralized storage, game performance, video streaming quality and more. Tachyon Protocol can be integrated into any main-chain, cross-chain and DApps easily and empower the whole ecosystems.

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