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They offer a multiple number of optical appearances from brilliant gloss up to a smooth shimmer, depending on the particle size distribution. The single effects are depending on the combination of different btc markets finder, the application, selection of the pigments as well as the media and background where they are used. Black OliveTM is a specialty mica based black effect pigment, coated with a cobalt ferrite.

btc markets finder

The champagne coloured undertone offers a wide spectrum of colour designs. This revolutionary product expands the range of absorption colours which are possible to be achieved with mica based pigments in the black and brownish colour palette.

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This highly developed pigment group, which achieves extraordinary optical effects, has been developed so that they are able to exceed the standard pearl pigments in colour intensity, cleanliness, chroma transparency and power of reflection. The GlacierTM pigment range, from fine to commercio di btc o usd, is based on synthetic mica and offers with the neutral esthetic appeal the opportunity to create a wide range of previously unachievable white surface appearances.

This pearlescent white effect is characterized by a cool bluish reflection colour which appears dazzling white to the eye.

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Metallic effects without metal can be formulated. Sophisticated matt colour effects with high opacity in combination with other effect pigments metal free dazzling metallic effects.

btc markets finder

Semitransparent pigments cover the spectrum from light gold via brass and copper to deep metallic red. Combined with transparent organic pigments they offer a firework of different colour shades.

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The combination with black enables you to create metallic like smooth surfaces btc markets finder decorative, printing, coating and plastic applications.

Their primary use is for internal applications.

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They are available in a wide variety of particle sizes creating effects from velvet luster to silver white glitter. They offer a unique combination of excellent hiding, gloss and very high chroma.

btc markets finder

In combination with other pigments they expand the existing colour space and open many creative opportunities in colour design. Effect pigments also find applications in newly emerging markets.

btc markets finder

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