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A while back, his hatred focused specifically on both Republicans and Christians in a lecture at St. Olaf College. The same administration canceled a lecture by Ben Shapiro.

If he were to come back to life, St. Olaf would not be allowed to lecture at St. I would like to focus on a defense of Christianity, something that is shockingly absent among conservatives, who appear to be perpetually intimidated bitcoin margin trading australia liberals, and who appear to have lost even a semblance of a backbone.

Present day Christianity is a religion superior to Islam. My conclusion is based not on my religious affiliation but because of objective facts.

According to the Hadith and the Koran, he targeted nursing baby girls for when they would later grow a few more years so he could have sex with them. One can argue that binance futures grid bot rampant pedophilia in Muslim cultures is a result of his being a role model.

countries with slavery in the 1700s

Likewise, the treatment of women in most Muslim societies is stomach churning, even for an antifeminist like myself. Essentially, they are slaves, subjected to early marriages, no legal standing to speak off, easily cast off by a bored husband, wearing potato sack-like clothes, or black clothing that makes them look like crows.

They are subjected to clitoridectomies in many countries, even inside enclaves of civilized countries.

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The husband can have four wives, which is deeply humiliating to the older wife. Many of the wives are children bridal registries can be found at Toys R Us. Again, where are the liberals — especially the shrieking, hateful, psychotic feminists — when it comes to admitting additional Muslims into this country?

countries with slavery in the 1700s

Or Europe? The crux of my argument: Christianity did away with slavery. Islam still condones it and practices it in many countries — and the slaves are usually black. A quick, condensed, history lesson: slavery has been universal, practiced by Native Americans, Asians, Africans, Europeans. Eventually, Christianity was the first, sole, authority to declare slavery to be immoral and to forcibly abolish it.

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It has been that way ever since. Iberia was finally freed in However, Muslim navies had control of the Mediterranean and they periodically captured ships and enslaved Christians. Read them! The Iberian Conquistadores took over the Caribbean, where they exterminated the Indians, but they needed labor, so they borrowed a page from the Muslims next door and started to import slaves.


About century later, England started colonies in North America, but labor was in short supply. Some black slaves were brought in by individuals.

Other blacks begin to use slave labor on a relatively large scale. But the idea of slavery began to gnaw at the white colonists by the end of the s although it never caused any crisis in conscience with the Spaniards.

By the mids, the disgust with slavery had reached a peak in England and America, and was denounced from Christian pulpits.

countries with slavery in the 1700s

America plunged into a horrific civil war over it and powerful Britain scoured the seas for slave runners. However, slavery remained — and has remained although formally abolished — in many Muslim countries, specifically, in MaliYemenSaudi ArabiaPakistanSudanMauritania Mauritania was the last country to officially abolish slavery inthough the practice continues.

In Defense of Christianity and Why It is Morally Superior to Islam

ISIS proudly announced the reintroduction of slavery, and a prominent Saudi cleric has proclaimed that Islam and slavery go hand in hand. To reject slavery is to reject Islam. I reject both. Charming religion. Simply charming.

Located in the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, it is famous for its rain forests, impressive volcanoes and the colonial Hispanic architecture of the capital Malobo. There is a place in Africa where the official language is Spanish and the historic buildings have the Baroque Hispanic lines of the s. All around, nature is verdant and majestic, with rainforests, mangroves, and volcanoes like Pico Basilé on the island of Bioko, soaring to a height of over 3, meters.

When was the last time that you personally heard, or read, of any Christian cleric calling for Christians to commit rape and murder other people? Muslims even target Barbie dolls while tomatoes are also haram because, you see, tomatoes are Christians you can read a satire on what the Gospels and, therefore, Christianity would have been like if they had been written from an Islamic viewpoint.

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But the record proves otherwise. Christianity has been countries with slavery in the 1700s unrelenting attack by leftists ACLU, for exampleparticularly leftist totalitarians which may explain why leftists have pushed for Muslim immigration.

countries with slavery in the 1700s

A few days ago, a Catholic procession was countries with slavery in the 1700s attacked in France by leftists, the latest incident to happen. To be Islamophobic is, therefore, a rational choice, one that should be embraced by all humanists, and to that end I will defend Christianity and Judaism.

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