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In particolare, la falla è dovuta a delle lacune in alcuni controlli sulla protezione della memoria nella traduzione del codice sorgente da codice bytecode a codice a linguaggio macchina. Per avere un indice di minaccia in tempo reale si consiglia di visitare il seguente link: Yoroi Cyber Security Index Rilasciati codici di attacco per Vulnerabilità Nagios Proto: N In particolare, le falle sono causate da delle lacune nella gestione degli input sulle interfacce web sia delle istanze client esxi bitcoin mining server di Nagios.

Questo permette ad un attaccante di rete di eseguire codice arbitrario da remoto sulla macchina server. In particolare la vulnerabilità è dovuta a delle lacune nella validazione dei file XML prodotti dalla serializzazione degli oggetti denominati "JavaBean", i quali, nella fase di deserializzazione permettono ad un attaccante remoto privo di autenticazione di eseguire comandi arbitrari sulla macchina bersaglio.

PoC per lo sfruttamento della vulnerabilità. Il Manutentore ha confermato tale vulnerabilità in un apposito bollettino di sicurezza dove ha indicato le che tutte le versioni di XStream fino alla 1. Per avere un indice di minaccia in tempo reale si consiglia di visitare il seguente link: Yoroi Cyber Security Index A Lesson Learned esxi bitcoin mining the Exchange Attack Waves Introduction During the last months, a huge interest from security researchers was directed to Microsoft Exchange Server, one of the most adopted email esxi bitcoin mining worldwide.

In fact, starting from Marchwhen the ProxyLogon vulnerability has been publicly disclosed, we identified and kept track of many opportunistic attacks hitting this kind of services and we noticed that in some esxi bitcoin mining Exchange services have been targeted by attacks both in APT and cyber-crime all the same.

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ProxyLogon is the common name for the vulnerability identified with CVE It allows a remote attacker to bypass the authentication and impersonate the administrator.

Chaining this vulnerability with CVE a remote attacker can obtain remote code execution on the target system. Not only, during the very first days of May another Proof-of-Concept exploit has also been publicly released, as we reported in our public security bulletin N Considering this context, we at Yoroi Malware ZLab decided to use this timeline as a particularly representative case study of how strong the connection between an unpatched Exchange flaw and the malware threat risk is, connecting the dots to provide a more exhaustive view of how cyber-security events like the Exchange vulnerability could shape the overall company security.

Vendita di accessi a server di virtualizzazione aziendali Published by u on May 17, May 17, Nell ultime settimane sono stati identificati due gruppi criminali che svolgono il ruolo di Access Broker rivendita di accessi alle infrastrutturenon affiliati a nessun gruppo specifico, che vendono accessi informatici a server ESXi di diverse aziende nel mondo. Sembrerebbe che i criminali abbiano sfruttato alcune vulnerabilità per ottenere accesso esxi bitcoin mining server esposti su rete pubblica. Vendita di accessi a Server compromessi In questi casi viene specificato il tipo di asset ma non il tipo di accesso, spesso fornito attraverso protocollo RDP, VPN o altri. Access Broker Coinvolti Gli access Broker osservati negli annunci dei mesi precedenti che affermavano di aver avuto accesso alle infrastrutture attraverso vulnerabilità legate ai prodotti software di VMWare sono stati identificati con gli username drumrlu e 3lv4n. Gli annunci recenti sono stati pubblicati molto probabilmente dagli stessi criminali osservati nei mesi passati.

The Timeline In order to provide a better overview of the cybersecurity landscape linked to this threat, we synthetized the events in the following infographics. As stated, we tried to keep track of the most relevant events belonging to threat research on that affected technology.

The Exchange Vulnerabilities

The following sections will provide a summary of the threats and the risks behind such kind of flaws. The vulnerabilities are caused by many flaws in the handling of user requests in OWA components, exposed on portswhich can allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise the mail server.

In detail, the flaws are chained to be exploited in order to execute arbitrary code with privileged permissions on the target Exchange services. CVE flaw in the internal "Unified Message Services" component of Exchange Server, allows the attacker to execute code with maximum privileges on the victim machine.

CVE and CVE arbitrary files write flaw on the machine where the Exchange service is deployed, allowing an unauthenticated attacker to write every type of file i. Chaining these vulnerabilities, a remote attacker can fully informazioni sullindirizzo bitcoin the target server where Exchange is deployed.

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Besides them, other vulnerabilities have been discovered by NSA and published last month during the Patch Tuesday esxi bitcoin mining update. During the first days of May a Proof-of-concept code for CVE vulnerability was publicly released on GitHub platform, increasing the attack risk.

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However, nowadays, there is no proof that this one has been exploited. The first spotted attacks were specifically targeting US-based companies and entities, but more accurate analysis and investigations revealed that there is global impact and victims are located worldwide. After compromising the victim machines, the classic post-exploitation operations performed by the APT threat actor comprehend the implant on them a series of webshells to easily maintain the access and make Command and Control operations.

Privilege Escalation and lateral movements through primarily using the "procdump" utility and dumping the "lsass. Other recurrent utilities adopted by the group include "7zip" in order to compress the data to be exfiltrated.

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These simple tools allow the attackers to completely compromise the Exchange server with a high possibility of performing lateral movements and complete intrusions inside the internal network, keeping undercovered for a long time, as we learned from the SolarWinds attacks. Double Extorsion criminal groups found a great opportunity by those critical vulnerabilities in order to penetrate inside the company perimeter and release the malware.

Below we'll mention the three major ransomware attacks which leveraged Exchange flaws. The most relevant attack of REvil gang is against the famous multinational hardware manufacturer Acer, which, last month has been hit by that ransomware.

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REvil, aka Sodinokibi and internally tracked as TH, group is one of the most active and powerful Double Extortion criminal groups. The gang was able to leverage the ProxyLogon flaws and exfiltrate a large number of private documents before encrypting them.

If a big tech company such Acer can suffer of a not perfect vulnerability management program, every other Small-Medium company must learn the lesson and make an effort to enforce the internal cybersecurity process. DearCry DearCry TH ransomware is one of the first attempts of cyber criminals to monetize thanks to the diffusion of the ProxyLogon vulnerabilities.

According to all the security firms, this threat has written with the purpose of make illegal revenues from the hype generated by the flaws.

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The encryption routine of DearCry Ransomware is composed of two principal steps: the first one is to decode a hardcoded symmetric key through an RSA public key, also embedded inside the code; the second one is to use that AES key to encrypt user data through the OpenSSL library.

This ransomware doesn't communicate with internet, so there is no data exfiltration. In the end, we can say that the code seems to be written quickly, without cure of details. Its distribution is quite limited to few countries in the world.

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Even this one is esxi bitcoin mining much sophisticated, but the purpose is to monetize as soon as possible with the occasion provided by the Exchange vulnerability. The infection starts with the installation of a webshell in the same way we described in the Hafnium section, then a malicious Powershell script is executed, and it drops a second stage payload, an executable written in python and packed with the PyInstaller utility, which allows the attackers to compile the python source code into a self-contained executable PE file.

At this point, the malware creates the encryption key and the infection identifier, which will be sent to the Mega Hosting provider. Botnets Another malware family largely esxi bitcoin mining to leverage that serious vulnerability category is botnets. They can automate part of the TTPs of the attackers and at the same time they provide also a scale up for many malicious activities, i. In this context, we isolated two principal botnets, Lemon Duck and Prometei, which leverage the Exchange flaws to carry-on their malicious projects.

Lemon Duck Lemon Duck internally tracked as TH is a complex and modular fileless malware known in the Threat Intelligence Research community from During the past year, it reached the first peak of distribution thanks to the different delivery methods, and, obviously, one of the favorite trends was a phishing mail abusing the COVID pandemic trend, and this year expanded the compromission capabilities to 0-day and 1-day exploits.

During our CSDC operations, we intercepted on the machine of one of our customers a suspect connection to " t. So, we started our threat analysis from that domain till to reconstruct the infection chain. It adopts also a complex esxi bitcoin mining various methods to propagate inside the internal network, for instance through the usage of SMBGhost and EternalBlue exploits.

The botnet comprehends at least a dozen of different executable module, all directly downloaded from the principal C2 over the HTTP protocol.

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The latest reported campaign of Prometei botnet provides a series of enhancements on the resilience of C2 infrastructure: in particular, it can communicate with four different C2, making harder the take-down of all the malicious infrastructure. Those exploits are supported by esxi bitcoin mining classic privilege escalation and credential grabbing tools, such as Mimikatz and ProcDump. Backdoors provided by the main modules installed after the compromise of the machine through the ProxyLogon vulnerabilities.

Mining of Monero Cryptocurrency: it is the monetizing objective of all the infection chain. Conclusion Looking at what happened with recent Exchange vulnerabilities is fundamental to understand the dynamics behind the Technical Vulnerability risk. Being subject to vulnerability exposure window on critical services and technologies is literally like throwing away your car keys in the park and hoping nobody will use them.

It is ok in an ideal world, but what we can learn from the Exchange flaws dynamics is much different: a lot of malicious actors are actually sweeping around the neighborhood, actively looking to any kind of opportunity to get your assets and profit. Totally a different risk scenario. Serious malware attacks do not only rely on users opening malicious emails esxi bitcoin mining link, vulnerability exposure window is at least equally dangerous and is becoming one of the major infection vectors.

What happened with the recent Exchange esxi bitcoin mining is just an example of how incredibly important is to continuously monitor Malware Threats and Vulnerabilities lifecycle, implementing a well-formed cyber security strategy must include take into account how to formulate Cyber Threat Intelligence requirements and to leverage information sources in order proactively anticipate and avoid this kind of risks.

Con la presente CERT-Yoroi desidera informarla relativamente ad una serie di vulnerabilità che affliggono i servizi di posta Exim, tecnologia di posta elettronica utilizzata da service provider, organizzazioni e aziende.

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In particolare, le falle possono abilitare due principali scenari di rischio: Elevazione dei privilegi da parte di un attaccante con accesso locale per eseguire codice con i privilegi di sistema.

Tali scenari ricordano anche delle precedenti falle di sicurezza individuate negli scorsi anni e che CERT-Yoroi ha esxi bitcoin mining e pubblicato new bollettini N e N e attivamente sfruttati da attori criminali relativi a cyber-crime oppure da APT e.

Le falle sono state confermate dal Manutentore in un apposito bollettino di sicurezza, dove è stato reso noto che risultano vulnerabili tutte le versioni di Exim fino alla 4. Considerata la pubblicazione di dettagli tecnici atti a riprodurre la criticità, la potenziale diffusione dei sistemi afflitti e la loro esposizione in internet, CERT-Yoroi consiglia caldamente di applicare le patch di sicurezza messe a disposizione dal Manutentore.

Con la presente CERT-Yoroi desidera informarla relativamente alla recente pubblicazione di codici di attacco per falle su Microsoft Exchange Server, tra le soluzioni di posta più adottate in ambito Enterprise.

Queste falle possono essere combinate per installare webshell e compromettere i server vulnerabili. Microsoft ha trattato la problematica all'interno del bollettino di sicurezza mensile di Apriledove risultano afflitte le versioni: Microsoft Esxi bitcoin mining Server Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft Exchange Server Durante le ultime ore, la esxi bitcoin mining di Threat Intelligence di CERT-Yoroi ha rilevato la pubblicazione di codici di attacco che aumentano notevolmente il rischio di attacchi verso sistemi non aggiornati.

Con la presente CERT-Yoroi desidera informarla relativamente a una serie di vulnerabilità che riguardano i dispositivi IoT e ICS, dispositivi adottati nei più dispiegati ambienti, partendo videosorveglianza fino ad arrivare a dispositivi real-time utilizzabili in ambiente industriale. Gli scenari di attacco possibili riguardano sia attacchi tramite botnet rivolti a dispositivi IoT e.

Le problematiche sono state confermate tramite il bollettino ICSAnel quale risultano impattati numerosi Vendor.

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