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Infurmazione nantu à a categuria, nuvità, grafichi è strategie - 2021

This was the time where we saw AI in a more dynamic and evolutionary role, be it in professional or personal lives. Where the peaks are known as AI summers, the troughs are termed as AI winter.

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However, the current waves of the technological gujarati news bitcoin are implying that this hype might slow down with approaching AI winter.

AI is cyclic when it comes to hype and advancement.

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At a certain point, the technology sees itself reaching dizzying levels of media attention and industry funding while at the next cyclic turn it experiences the other side of the AI hype cycle — AI winter.

During an AI winter, the technology becomes little more than a dirty word, synonymous with false promises.

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It steps out of the spotlight, away from the disillusioned eyes of the public. And there is a dense possibility that the world at the current stage is heading towards such a situation.

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Deep learning has slowed in recent years. Much like before a stock market crash, there are signs of the impending collapse, but the narrative is so strong that it is very easy to ignore them, even if they are in plain sight.

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Visible in plain sight, yet hidden from the majority by an increasingly intense narrative. I have no idea.

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