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Users can borrow at any time as long as they have assets in an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet.

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Compound is a DeFi protocol like Uniswap. Therefore, no third party trust is required when the user makes a loan.

klick- commercio und- plattform bitcoin-

In addition to lending, users can deposit assets for DeFi protocol operation and farm interest. Compound Finance Compound Finance is a cryptocurrency lending platform operated by the DeFi protocol.

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The platform has automated asset management with smart contracts. Anyone can access the compound through an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet third party and make a loan or interest farm.

klick- commercio und- plattform bitcoin-

A protocol that does not require third-party trust. Therefore, compound finance does not require complicated procedures unlike traditional finance. Compound's interest rate is automatically adjusted according to the algorithm of the DeFi protocol. At this time, compound ecosystem token COMP holders can adjust the interest rate through governance voting.

klick- commercio und- plattform bitcoin-

All transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Each time a block is created, interest is compounded and accumulated.

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Compound Finance encourages liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem, so users can withdraw their assets from MMF at any time they want. For smart contract operation, Oracle provides various data to the blockchain network in an API way.

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An oracle that pulls external data is essential for smart contracts that require a variety of data. A typical Oracle project is Chainlink. Compound is also receiving an on-chain cryptocurrency price feed from Chainlink's Oracle.

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Governance Policies for compound finance operation such as interest rate model establishment, cToken listing, oracle update, manager selection, etc. The influence on governance is determined by the amount of governance klick- commercio und- plattform bitcoin- COMP holding.

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COMP holders can exercise influence through voting in governance. Editor YB Gate. With these advantages, the growth of the cryptocurrency lending platform is expected even more.

klick- commercio und- plattform bitcoin-

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