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You are required to submit an application for access to restricted material below before we can process your request.

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Your application for access to restricted material will be reviewed and we will contact you to communicate our decision. This mercanti bitcoin toronto take some time, depending on the size and nature of the material.

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Please do not expect to access restricted material on the day it is requested. Some material will not be available at all.

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Other material will be available in part, or subject to certain restrictions. Access to particularly sensitive material may need to be discussed with the Head of Special Collections and will depend on the purpose of use.

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This means that you have certain responsibilities: 1. You must not cause substantial damage or distress to data subjects. You must not use data to support measures or decisions concerning individuals.

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You must anonymise identities when note-taking, in results of research and statistics If this is not possible then you must seek the consent of identifiable individuals prior to publishing your research. You must store any personal data that you extract from the archive securely and dispose of it safely when you no longer need it.

You must respect the confidentiality of any documents and information not connected with your research but which you have seen in the course of it.

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The GDPR requires that data subjects are notified if their personal data is processed. My research will not be used to support measures or decisions with respect to particular individuals and will not cause or be likely to cause substantial damage or substantial distress to any person who is the subject of those data while he or she is alive or likely to be alive assuming a lifespan of years.

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I will not make the results of my research available in a form that identifies any data subject without the consent in writing of the data subject. I understand that I shall become responsible for compliance with the GDPR and DPA as a data controller in relation to any processing by me of personal data obtained from the above records and undertake to dispose of this data in an appropriate manner when it is no longer required for my research.

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We will use the information in this form to process your request to access restricted material. You may request for the information to be deleted before the 6 years elapse by emailing specialcollections library. Your information is kept securely and accessible mercanti bitcoin toronto to limited University staff members.

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Restricted Access Application Details.

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