Outlet ljubljana btc

Come perdersi al Btc di Lubiana, il più grande centro commerciale dell'Euroregione - scrivendovolo.it

outlet ljubljana btc

Visitors to the center, regardless of whether they are clients of Addiko bank or not, can realize transactions through a short and uncomplicated process, open an account, and even raise a loan up to 5, euros within just 30 minutes, all on their own or with the help of the staff available at the location. We came up with this sales concept based on the insights from market analysis, user habits and needs.

The main characteristics of the spatial concept of Addiko Bank Express are clarity, accessibility and speed. Already in front of the branch office, passers-by are attracted by a touchscreen that can be used to interactively gather information about the services offered, or to check options for fast loans, without even entering the bank.

outlet ljubljana btc

Upon entering the bank, clients can perform almost all offered services on their own, while their banker is available at the site if necessary. Outlet ljubljana btc the information desk, clients are referred to the space where they can independently take all necessary steps for the realization of a loan, after which they can finalize it at a fully automated central unit.

All this is possible during the working hours of the shopping center, from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 20, which is certainly uncommon for banking services in Slovenia, thus enabling clients to actually get cash at the time and at the place where they spend it.

outlet ljubljana btc

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