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Nokia, Safaricom and UNICEF connect more primary schools to the Internet across Kenya
Essendo un keniota, che usa sia il servizio di denaro mobile sia il bitcoin, mi ha fatto riflettere su come le due tecnologie si confrontano.

Ambition to scale initiative to all schools in Kenya, as part of a Government initiative to provide equitable access to digital learning. Importance of remote learning during the COVID pandemic further highlights the need for connectivity in schools. Both rural and disadvantaged urban settlements have benefitted from the initiative, which also supports digitization and digital literacy.

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The connected schools are spread across rural and informal urban settlements in Kenya, serving an estimated 32, students. School closures in Kenya in meant that children had to stay at home for six to nine months, leaving them reliant on remote learning.

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The digital divide meant that students safaricom bitcoin could access the internet were better placed to continue with their learning. Schools equipped with a broadband connection, digital devices and teacher training will now be able to make better use of video communication, safaricom bitcoin curricula and online content, thereby improving digital literacy and skills amongst school children.

Our shared value partnership with UNICEF safaricom bitcoin Nokia allows us to connect schools in underprivileged areas and increase access to safaricom bitcoin literacy. This will ensure that the students there are not left behind when it comes to reaping the benefits of an ever-increasing digital society.

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By connecting schools to the Internet — with a focus on the most disadvantaged areas — we can start to level the playing field. This allows students and teachers to gain digital skills and access the latest education materials, providing a brighter future for some of the most vulnerable children in Kenya.

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With remote learning becoming the prevailing issue during the Covid pandemic, the topic of digital equity takes center stage again, so we are excited that this collaboration will facilitate access to many students currently unconnected. This is an initiative we are very proud to be a part of and hope that it is a significant step to a brighter future for all those reaping its benefits.

Nokia FastMile includes customer premise equipment with a built-in modem and antenna, a cloud-based controller for point of sales, monitoring and control, and smartphone applications for installation and support.

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Together they provide a powerful end-to-end solution delivering fast and reliable broadband to fixed subscribers. The Wi-Fi network can be seamlessly extended by adding Beacons to avoid any dead spots in the house.

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A mobile app brings ease of installation and management to the end-user. About Nokia At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together. As a trusted partner for critical networks, we are committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud networks.

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We create value with intellectual property and long-term research, led by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs. Adhering to the highest standards of integrity and security, we help build the capabilities needed for a more productive, sustainable and inclusive world. Media Inquiries:.

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