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After writing, open the card in your explorer and add a file "ssh". The cmc crypto sould be empty and just be called "ssh" not ssh. It will tell raspi to activate ssh on boot. Then boot up your raspi with the card and plug it into your network. Consult your router's LAN-page to find the device, it should register to your router as "raspberry" or so.

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Open up Putty and login to your raspi using pi as username and raspberry as password. After login you can configure your raspi, please read the guide linked above for more details. Note: One important thing that you should configure is your timezone!

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Use sudo raspi-config Go to 4. Localisation Options and set the time to your timezone.

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If your time is way off, you would get troubles with staking, so make sure you always have the time set right! Update: Lore does not need Berkeley DB 4.

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Thanks patcrypt After compile you can run the wallet with lored And after it synced you have bitcoin-cli to control the wallet. Issue: Synching blocks takes an awfully long time on raspi for some reason, even with Lore that syncs blocks in a few hours instead of a whole day on a normal computer.

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If anyone knows how to speed up that process, please let us know! This thread is a WiP. Please post all issues and errors here, I will then edit the OP to make it into a real, working tutorial.

On a note it was mentioned, that using an USB-stick here instead of a card would make sense since the cards are more prone to failure than USB-sticks.

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I will include setting it up on USB in a later version of this tutorial. Some tips and tricks Since compiling takes a longer time, it is recommented to run it in the console in a screen.

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Screen is a terminal tool that supports multiple windows in the same shell and, most important, detaches when your ssh connection breaks. Using screen you can simply reconnect and use screen -r to attach to your running shell again.

To use screen, tradesatoshi btcz need to install and then start it before you start the whole build process within a screen-shell. Here tradesatoshi btcz a few helpful CLI commands, call them with lore-cli help - Returns available commands help - Returns detailed help to a getinfo - Returns a descriptive information of your wallet, including balance getwalletinfo tradesatoshi btcz Returns short information about your wallet, including btc ru, unconfirmed balance, immature tradesatoshi btcz, number of tx ect getaccountaddress 'raspi' - Returns an address for your wallet.

If the account does not need to exist, it will be created with new address sendtoaddress - Sends.

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