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Requisiti correnti Liferay CE Portal 7.

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As you need to request for credentials from the clients. We have attempted to solve this tricky issue with our custom plug-in development for Liferay.

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Problem: Developers always need access to view Server Logs to troubleshoot issues and errors in production environment. It is risky, time consuming and inconvenient to allow full server access to each developer.

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Also, it is difficult to search for each log and their entries and filtering them to solve issues. And It becomes necessary for developers to possess working knowledge of Linux Systems to view and save log data.

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Moreover, a developer can also download logs, search for entries through Log levels and websocket bitcoin, stop, clear all log searches within the server.

The Plug-in can be directly accessed through Control Panel.

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Also, it does not require server credentials to log in and fetch information. These are the features of Log Viewer Plugin: 1.

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Stop and start scroll at any point of time during log session is in on. Log file download 4.

Word search to locate errors and issues 5.

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